We manufacture top brands


Consumers have different needs in each of the 13 countries where we operate. For them, we develop our own brands adapted to local markets (as La Antigua Lavandera…). That’s why we like to call ourselves a “multilocal” company.

Nuestras marcas

Ariel* introducing A+

A brand that guarantees innovation and maximum effectiveness in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Portugal.

*Brand is temporarily licensed by Procter&Gamble in Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland.
The detergent brand that takes care of Israeli families at a low price.
The most prestigious brand of detergent in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Gama means cleanliness, efficiency and value for a generation of French consumers.
Our Spanish brand for household care; the only one on the market to unite efficiency and tradition.
A smart choice and good for everyday cleaning.
Northern European countries enjoy the fresh fragrances of Lenor. *Brand is temporarily licensed by Procter&Gamble in Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland.

TIDE* introducing GAMA

A beloved brand with history in the Portuguese market.

*Brand is temporarily licensed by Procter&Gamble in Portugal.
A brand that cares about Israelis babies.

Vizir* introducing Gama

Vizir has changed.
Gama is now the smart choice.
It’s good for all your clothes especially your pockets.
You’ll know your clothes are clean, know your clothes are fresh and know you’re saving money.
So you can get on with your life. 
And we’ll get on with your laundry.

*Brand is temporarily licensed by Procter&Gamble in Switzerland and Germany.